Who is Stephanie?

I became a mother at 20 and since then I have embarked on an adventure that has changed my life and allowed me to grow as a person. Almost 7 years later, I am now a mother of three and a million times wiser.

The In’s and Out’s of Everything is a place where I am free to blog about anything and everything. From things that I find interesting, a new journey I have embarked on, things that I have learned about life, embarrassing moments, angry moments…. just about anything.

Since having children it has been a challenge to start a career as a children’s author and illustrator and I have often suffered with writers block. I am using this blog to help me get back in tune with my creative side; I figured that by blogging at least once every two days will help get my imagination rolling. So far it has helped. Hopefully my followers eventually be able to read my work in bookstores too, so watch this space….