Friends, Support, and Everything That Matters,

This morning at 6:36, my friend of 11 years sent me a message asking whether I believed in God. This led to a long discussion about our beliefs and faith but also about the things that really matter; our children and happiness.

Her belief in God is changing as she changes however I was saddened by the lack of support she was receiving by others and the negative responses she received. Shouldn’t those who really truly love you as a person support you in your decisions what ever they may be, providing that it does not harm others?

My friend and I share a lot in common but not everything we agree on, but isn’t that ok? Friendship should be ultimately based on respect and a mutual understanding thus supporting those who you love in what ever path they take in life. Acceptance and strength is a powerful thing that we can offer to the ones we care about.

Life is something personal to each and everyone of us and it is ours to choose what we do with it and the discussions we make should be our own. Often we have be somewhat selfish if we wish to life a fruitful, meaningful life that is deliberate. Not everyone will agree with the choices we make and unfortunately we will be met with those who do not understand the road we take. Change is a necessity when it comes to personal growth and being ruthless in who we surround ourselves with. 

Attempting to change the views and ideas of those around you is an attempt that may fail and sometimes changing the people around you is the best way forward. Surrounding yourself with those who have similar values and belief is a key part of being able to grow. Why make yourself miserable fighting with people who make your life hell? Finding the strength, will power, and trust to move on can make a huge difference. Happiness, content, and support is far more appealing than a life filled with negativity. 

I value my friend as person and as a friend. Her happiness is important to me and what ever path she chooses to embark on, I will be there to support her, cheer her on, or even be her safety net if she falls. That is the best thing that I can offer her. And that is probably why we have such a strong friendship. 


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