I stare at her in fear and anger,

Every inch of her I take in all,

I’ve found her now and it begins,

A decades past since leaving school.

Apprehension  subsides and leaves just wonder, 

How strange this feeling really seems, 
Lingering in my limbic system,

Still present in my abysmal dreams, 

Attempting to rid stained memories,

Uncovering her in such a public space,

Profile displayed for all to see

My dreams no longer her hiding place,
I make a move and wait for her,

Disguised behind my business talk,

I hope to find out if shes changed,

Intentionally stumbling on this  walk.
For closure I must travel down,

This road I dont know what I’ll find,

Answers instead of fear this time,  

Intending to rest this restless mind.


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