Everything That Remains: A memoir by The Minimalists

Getting rid of hundreds of books was a great achievement so much so that the idea of purchasing another physical book seemed daunting. Turning to audio books has best enabled me to enjoy several books without it disturbing the busy lifestyle that I lead.

As a fulltime mother of three children, the only time that seemed convenient to read quietly and uninterrupted was in bed. It really wasn’t convenient at all as falling asleep with pages sprawled over your face isn’t comforting. Fatigue usually reduced my reading time whether I was aware of it or not.

Listening to audio books as a teenager used to bring me great joy during those long and lonely summer holidays. Going to the library and checking out a few stories recorded on tapes. I cannot figure out why I ever stopped doing this.

Getting through a couple of chapters at a time whilst doing washing dishes, laundry, and other household chores could not have worked out better. I sometimes I listen to the same book more than once. Using Audible  as a tool that enables me to enjoy books with less limits. This has also helped me to focus more on how I spend my time and use it more deliberately. What is also great is that I managed to sign up for a three-month free trial before having to purchase the books and subscription fee, however the amount of value I get from audio books, to me, it is worth it.



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