Damn Kitchen Drawer – Oh, How I Dispise You

I pulled open this drawer in my kitchen looking for a bottle opener and I wish I hadn’t.

I think I may have been better off without the cider bottle being opened.

I hate this drawer. I despise this drawer as it is filled with crap.

I have tried to ‘organise’ it so many times but it always become a mess. I am starting to hate the term ‘organise’ as sometimes we forget to just get rid of stuff and opt to make it look pretty and clearer. I think I prefer to just get rid of stuff I do not need or use often enough. Even the bottle opener is underused; my partner uses the end of his lighter or a knife and I rarely drink. So why do we even have it? I could put it back nicely in a designated corner or give it away to someone who will actually use the damn thing!

And lets not get stared on the baking stuff and 4 boxes of cling film….


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