Minimalism Podcast on a Lazy Day

Today I stayed in and decided to work my way through some of The Minimalists podcasts on YouTube. I have never really listened to a podcast, although I like a good audio book, I overlooked the benefits of listening to a good discussion on a subject that I find highly interesting. To tell you the truth, I never really knew what podcasts ‘did’.


Whilst checking my emails, I opened one from YouTube notifying me that there was a new podcast available by The Minimalist. The day before I had considered unsubscribing to all notifications from YouTube and later found that I was glad that I hadn’t. There were over 70 podcasts freely available which I had completely missed, and I was curious to see what this media platform had to offer. Without hesitation, I followed the link in my email and managed to find their very first podcast – Declutter. After listening for the whole hour and seventeen minutes I was hooked.

I had read some of their printed material and stuff on their website, but hearing Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus allowed me to make mundane connections; these were real people talking about their personal experiences, documenting their growth, and now offering everything they had learned to the world. What they were doing was amazing but I already knew this however it was like the penny had dropped once I started listening. Their listening audience often asked question via social media or voice mail and I was surprised to find that many of the questions that they were asking were ones that I had been needing answering to, and some were ones I hadn’t even thought to ask and were grateful that someone had thought to ask.

One thing I love about The Minimalists is their honesty. They always seem to answer questions thrown at them with an honest and sincere response, cutting out the bullshit and getting straight to the point, yet doing so in a respective manor. And if they honestly do not know the answer to something, they are happy to admit this and point their listeners to someone who may be of use.

I also love their humour and style of literature. Josh Millburn originally captured me with his writing a couple of months back when I started my minimalist journey. I was watching their documentary on Netflix one evening and had to rewind the part where Joshua reads one of his essays about all the things that he ‘needed’ to fill his new home. What captured me was the deliberate irony of all the things listed; all the things that we ultimately do not need but feel compelled to fill our homes with because we are in more ways than one ‘told’ to. I personally love the tone and style of Joshua’s writing and even more so when he reads aloud his own work as his voice is quite captivating, offering a calm comforting feeling. After watching their documentary, I began reading as many essays published on their website as my busy life allowed me to. (note to self – Re-evaluate my daily routine and remove the unnecessary time I spend doing pointless activities and instead replace it with reading or something else that is meaningful to me).

Having children and trying to keep our family home in order, it’s hard to sit in one place to read when I would like to but these podcasts have been almost like a hidden treasure to me, allowing me to listen and learn more about minimalism and myself without restrict my hands. So, beneficial. I would highly recommend listening to a least one episode, perhaps on specific topic that interests you, because I am confident that anyone who is on a journey into minimalism will ultimately benefit from these hour and twenty minute shows.


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