Growing Pains of Messy Children

The joys of having children bring with it endless cleaning and tidying. Spending the best part of your day picking up after playtime or cleaning orange food (why is 70% of baby food orange and so hard to wash out?!) off the floor, clothes, and every single piece of furniture within a two metre radius. Children, especially those aged two and under really do keep you busy and on your toes. No need for a work out video, ey.



Going out and about seems to be the hardest because trying to keep your little ones half presentable after eating ice cream in a grassy park is almost impossible as my two year old clearly demonstrates.


Endless wipes, hand sanitiser, tissue, and a bottle of water is the best things to store in your bag, and car especially if you have three very active boys. Oh and a spare pair of clothes for each packed in your bag too or in a mini suitcase!
On the upside, children need to get messy. It is built in their system to make mess as it is part of exploring and learning and I will admit that muddy children who have spent several hours in mother natures garden does bring a smile to my face. A clear sign of good play.


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