Do it Now- Keeping a Clutter Free Home

It is so easy to walk in through your front door, throw your keys onto the hallway table, kick your shoes off by the door, and chuck your coat over what ever object is closest to you. 

Despite wanting to have a clean, clear, clutter free home it is always very hard to keep it this way. Our everyday habits seem to set us back and it is mainly because we have not gotten into the habit of putting things back in the right place. Sometimes I find myself muttering ‘i’ll put it back letter’ but chances are that I won’t. I’ll forget and then the item will be left out for the next couple of days. Now I have to force myself to ‘put it back quickly’ because it is far easier to just do it then and there than to leave it. 

If you are trying to keep things tidy, its always a good idea to make sure that everything has a place to live. For example, my childrens shoes all live in a particular pull-out draw in their room. Their shoes are never left anywhere else apart from in that draw unless they are muddy inwhich case put by the front door to be cleaned. All our DIY tools have a spot in the kitchen cupboard. Not only does it make screwdrivers easier to find when I need them, it also means that they have a place to return to. Often the ‘returning’ the item is the hurdle most people tend to fall at. 

Once you listen to the much loved George Michael CD, remove it from the CD player, return it to its case and then to its designated home. I used to get so frustrated at seeing my own CDs left ontop of the stereo because I was too lazy to put it back properly which caused scratches and then left me feeling even worse. 

Getting into the habit of washing your dish up once you have used it, and putting away your hair brush after you combed your hair are such small actions that make so much difference. 

The more you force yourself to make the extra effort, the less things will accumulate resulting to hours spend trying to get your home back in order. 


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