Minimalism- A new lifestyle

Minimalism is not for everyone, but for me it was something that was much needed. Choosing to become a minimalist felt like a solution to a very big problem that I burdened me for many years.

I often found myself cleaning to ridiculous extents, rearranging furniture to find a balance in my home. I was constantly changing things to make my home feel lighter, calmer and happier. But it was always short lived. I rearranged stuff so often that I broke so many large items such as wardrobes, mirrors, and chairs.

Trying to make a happy home only resulted in upsetting everyone in my household. My son used to cry when he came home from school and saw the new layout of his room, my partner also struggled because he would have to readjust and find all his belongings in new places. I felt horrible because I was doing the opposite to what I had intended to do.

Every time I felt anxious, I would take it out on my home and the unnecessary stuff that I filled it with. I even added extra items to the ridiculous number of things I already had.  During a few sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), I was told that I may have an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). I never felt that it was the right word to describe my behaviour. It wasn’t until I discovered The Minimalists, and watched their documentary that I realised that I did not have OCD at all! I was trying to find happiness amounts the chaos. I realised why I was so unhappy.

I was living with things that made me miserable and anxious; most of what I owned did not spark any sort of joy for me. The things that I loved were buried in the chaos.

Just after the new year, I opened a black bin bag and started tossing things into it without even thinking. Things that I no longer needed. Things that I never needed. Stuff! About 80% of the things I got rid of went to charity, and the rest was broken junk. The small two bedroom flat that I live in now suddenly felt bigger with ample space.  I no longer complain about never having space or anywhere to store things. I do not have to rearrange furniture to find happiness, I just have to live with things that are either necessary or make me happy.

I discard anything else.



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