5 Steps to a Beautiful Happier You. 

1. Sleep!

Turn off all distractions and allow yourself to get a good nights sleep. By getting enough sleep you allow your body to heal and repair your heart and cardiovascular system, and also strengthen memories and improving creative productivity. After a well rested night, you will feel a lot happier and refreshed in the morning.


2. Physical Appreciation

We all have things about ourselves that we do not like, whether it be our hair, nose, or weight, we seem to spend so much time focusing on our ‘flaws’. But why don’t we put all our energy into appreciating the things we feel are positives? Why do we not look in the mirror and compliment ourselves for having beautiful eyes or a stunning smile. Next time you pass a mirror, focus on your assets and pay yourself a compliment because we all are beautiful even if you find it hard to believe.

3. Happy food

A distinct line between junk food that makes you happy but regret later, and food that makes your body happy. Be kind to your body and think consciously about what you put into it. By switching some of the bad for the good you will start to feel the difference, physically and mentally.

4. Meditate

Sitting under a tree for hours on end with your legs crossed is not necessarily what I mean. Again, turn off all distractions including the phone that is constantly glued to your hand. Allow yourself to sit quietly in a room alone with just your thoughts. Allow your mind to wonder. Breathe. Listen to the natural sounds outside. Allow your brain to relax and take a break. Allow yourself to just do nothing for ten minutes. You after all, have earned it.

5. You Time.

Give yourself at least ten minutes a day to do something that makes you happy. Paint your nails, listen to some music, take a walk, read a book. What ever it is, make sure you are doing it for you. You will love and appreciate yourself more because of it.


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