5 Items that Spark Joy

At present my flat it somewhere between being my ideal home and simply a hot mess. I have been working hard to transition my family home into a much more minimal and tranquil place to live but with most things, there is no calm before the storm. We are tripping over books that have not yet found a place to live, piles of clothes that need to be delivered to charity, and a few boxes of miscellaneous stuff.

This morning as I was getting dressed I put on my perfume and looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. Not only because of my lovely reflection but because of the very small number of things that I own that genuinely make me happy. The few things that I appreciate and have purchased because it speaks to me. It reflects who I am. I then wondered around gazing briefly at my possessions in each room and stopped when I found something that gave me a similar feeling. They are not expensive things and will not seem like much to others but I appreciated that I could narrow down what sparks joy for me to a small handful of stuff which in turn will probably make my minimalism journey a lot easier.

1. JUST PINK EDT 100 ml – Next £12

I love this fragrance as it wasn’t very expensive and it has such a beautiful refreshing smell. If you like a fresh floral scent with a hint of fruit and blossom. Over the years, I have received several expensive high end perfumes as gifts for birthdays and Christmas’, but then I discovered the fragrances by Next. Usually I wouldn’t have thought twice about buying cheap(er) perfume from a clothing store that wasn’t a designer brand. Oh, how silly I feel now because brands are not everything. It is simply quality that matters and Just Pink is an Eau De Toilette that lasts. It’s also Pink!

2. Blaupunkt  DAB Portable Radio – Bought from Sainsbury’s £20

I used to own a overwhelming high fi system that was able to hold 5 CD, had an iPhone docking station, plug ins, and radio. I realised back in March that I only ever listen to CD’s when I am in my car and do not own very many. I didn’t want to throw it out as it worked perfectly fine but it was so unnecessary to have in living in my flat just for radio usage. My toddler would constantly play with it and I no longer used an iPhone and it didn’t fit any other model later than a 4. It unfortunately went to my mum which I now regret as I have now burdened her with the monstrosity that she doesn’t need. I down sized to this lovely white portable box which plays the only station that I listen to and more if I require them. The sound is clear and I do not have to fiddle with nobs and numbers to find an fuzz-less station.

3. White elephant – A Gift

I have a thing for elephants. At one point in my life, every room in my previous flat had at least one elephant ornament. My partner would always buy me them as gifts as he knew they were always a safe bet. It wasn’t until a few of my friends came over and said ‘You really do like elephants’ as they gazed around that I realised I had far too many of them. It was a bit much, so I took them down and have yet to find them a special home. I kept this one out however as I love how little detail is needed to portray the animal. It did come as a set – a smaller black one but I am not a fan of black decorative accessories.

4. Orchids – A Gift

From my lovely fiance on Mother’s Day. He got the colour spot on. He brought me one last year too and it survived for so long until we had to move and it got damaged. I love these plants. They do not need watering too often which is perfect because I just about manage to water my children let alone a plant. Ha!

5. White Converse – Bought from Next Concessions £48.

These will never go out of fashion! Ever! These are a new pair but I have owned only a few over the last 10 years as they lasted me so long. I have chucked them in the wash a few times when they have gotten dirty, and they have survived on several occasions. How many pairs of shoes can you say you have washed and had them looking like new again. (This is something I choose to do and am not suggesting that you do the same. If you wish to put yours in the washing machine than you do so at your own risk) Comfy and practical. They look amazing with almost anything especially in summer.

And there you have it. 5 small items that I would hands down purchase again or accept as gifts if I had to start everything over; if I was given an empty new home, I would choose to fill it with these.

I would love to know what 5 items you own that really sparks joy for you. I think mine are pretty minimal and basic. Feel free to comment.



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