Pamper: Happier in 10 minutes

Today I allowed myself a little bit of self love and managed to shop for a small selection of skin care products. It was not an expensive buy and it did not consist of luxury items, but it did however consist of a few things that made me smile.

The last few days I have been breaking out in horrible spots and this morning after putting in my contacts, I was appalled at how bad my skin looked. Bruised and battered due to lack of attention. I do not usually wear excessive amounts of make-up but this morning I wished I had the materials to cover every inch of my face or a big enough paper bag to put over my head.

After collecting my toddler from nursery school I went on the hunt for some exfoliating products, a new concealer, and lip balm. I added in a new eye liner and went back to using my daily face wash as I experimented with a Tea Trea Witch Hazel product which included Charcoal. It seems everyone has gone mad about charcoal lately. Needless to say it was great at first but it wasn’t for me.

So anyway, yes, items purchased with a smile and this evening I was able to spend 10 minutes in the bath with a nice warm exfoliating mask on my face which smelt beautiful and lasted quite nice too – I wouldn’t advise eating it but a little got onto my lips.

Tonight I go to sleep very happy, glowing, and proud of myself. I am loving taking 10 minutes to focus on myself. Tomorrow I may actually manage read a chapter of a book that I had forgotten I was even reading.

Thanks for reading and remember to treat yourself for at least 10mins a day. It does wonders.


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