Battle of the Books: Minimising my library

Two of my children are at school now and I am finally able to do a few things that make me happy. At present I am sat in my much-loved coffee shop perched upon one of their oh so lovely grey sofa benches behind a lovely golden oak table, surrounded by lovely warm orange and autumn red decor. I love this place. It is somewhere that I feel so comfortable and happy. They play lovely soothing music but also very up to date while you sip your coffee, and chat with your date, or tap away at your laptop hard at work.

Anyway, I digress. So, I have roughly 45 minutes before I must pack up and collect my toddler from nursery and I would like to use that time to talk to my beautiful readers about how I have started to tackle my dreaded wooden ottoman filled with my wide collection of books.


Sigh. Yesterday I pried open the lid and flapped away the endless layers of dust that became airborne. Oh, the horror and embarrassment. When I shifted the box slightly I was disgusted at myself if I am honest. The number of lost items covered it grey dust was shocking. It was so bad that I could not bring myself to take a picture of it and post it on this blog.

So, the first step I took was to sort all the books into different piles of:




RECYCLE (If damaged, I figured that as they are paper, why not!)

I tried to be ruthless in my decision making and seriously think to myself whether I would reread a book, and why I feel the need to hang onto them. Some of my old university books that were quite expensive, I refused to give away and put them in my keep pile. But then by bedtime, staring at my unfinished pile, I realised that most of them I will no longer open again and have decided to put them online to sell to other students who need them and would like them at a fraction of the original price. I know all too well that being a student, money is always an issue and so this will probably bring someone joy.

Today’s challenge however, is to now think of what to do with the remaining books that I have chosen to keep. I think that I can filter it down a bit more but as I am trying to minimise my flat, I have nowhere really to put them as I got rid of my 7-story high bookcase about a year ago. I do not want to by another, no matter how small it is, so I guess I will just have to be even harder on myself and limit myself to keeping only a handful and give away some of the good ones to friends and family who I feel will enjoy a good read.

And as for that maybe pile, I pushed it over to the charity pile. If i am finding ot hard to reduce the keep pile, i figured the maybe pile cant possibly be as important. I think the main reason as to why I am finding this process so difficult is because i was  always of the opinion that you should never throw out books as they are precious. They contain knowledge and information and magical stories. As my dream is to write at least one novel, throwing out books is almost sinful. So I found away around it and realised that I could give them away instead of simply throwing them out. Why oh why had I not thought of this before? I mean it isn’t exactly rocket science, and if anything I am sharing the wonderful pleasures of reading with others.


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