Secrets Amongst the Trash!

Whilst cleaning out my bedroom and trying to get rid of quite a large amount of documents that I had stored in a very large box on top of my wardrobe, I discovered a few things that I had forgotten about. Not all good things to be honest.

I guess you could say that it is uncommon for teenage girls to write in diaries, and yes I was one of them, and I carried on doing so long into my twenties. I suppose you could even call this a sort of diary entry. Along with note books, upon note books that I couldn’t bring my self to reading, instead opting to throw them straight into the bin bag, I stumbled across a piece of ‘Original Writing’. I am pretty sure that this was a writing task given to me when I was studying art and design at college. It is a bit random and has nothing to do with art but I think they were also making sure we pasted with a decent English Language grade too. Anyway, I briefly remember one of my teachers handing it back to me when I was alone once all the other students had left the class. She asked me if I was okay. Now rereading what I had written, I can see why. Who Are You? was a pretty sad bit of writing. It was pretty much me explaining how it feels to have no friends. No one. Gosh at 18 I guess I was really a lonely person. In all honesty, I don’t think that that much has changed.



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