My Midnight Summer Dream

The warm evening air surrounding me as I sat at the edge of the lake. My toes skimming the surface of the water. Inhaling the sweet summer air and waving my free afro is the subtle breeze. I could hear the vibrant buzz of others as they laughed and chattered in the distance. People having a good time. Sat in the beer gardens with their alcohol filled glasses.

I wore my soft pink gypsy dress and my cork heeled sandals sat beside me. I was free and happy. Taking an evening stroll with nowhere to be and no worries to spoil the moment. 

They walked by, five of them, with a spring in their steps. Young spirits.  I stood as they pasted and continued on the path beside the lake when he saw me. This guy. He knew me and I knew him yet we had never met. That spark you always hope to find, well I discovered it alright. 

A second, a minute, a century past as I held my breath as he stood within my reach. The standing hairs on my arms, the goose bumps on my neck, tingles down my spine. Oh how I welcomed this sensstion. This sensation that was mine. 

His soft sweet breath so close to my shoulder, he inhaled all of me. A drink he offered and of course I accepted. The freedom in my fingertips, the carelessness of my soul yet I felt so connected, so grounded, so found. 

My dark handsome saviour, the answer to my pain. Lifted in that moment where I felt I truely belonged. Entwined in his fingertips, mesmerised by his lips. Perhaps my dying Romeo but suddenly it all made sense. I had never felt so warm inside. He saw me, all of me, and kept me by his side. 


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