Today I managed to get my children involved with the decluttering of their own toys. My two year old held open the charity bag and my six year old went through all his toys and books and picked out, to mu suprise, quite a lot of things that he was willing to give away to other boys and girls. He was really happy with he idea that his old unwanted toys would make ther children happy. It was a proud moment for me and I felt like I no longer had to sneak things into the bin or donate things while he is at school. Most of all I was proud thay he was able to make such a grown up decision and was able to let things go. My two year old, even though he probably didnt quite understand the concept, was also putting his toys into the bag and said he wanted to give it to ‘the other boy’. 

For me I over came another hurdle and parted with some much loved baby clothes that I would have usually held on to for future pregnancies. However as we already have three gorgous boys, I feel that it is time to focus on my career and so I allowed myself to make another parent happy buy giving away the clothes. In doing such a simple act, it sparked joy for me. That was such a warm feeling. 

And now I finally have an empty bottom draw. 


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