Adios Art Adios

Today I took a huge step and tackled piles upon piles of my old art work that I have been hoarding for almost a decade.


Everytime I attempted to clear out my home I would always tell myself that I needed to keep numerous A1 art folders filled with paintings, sketches, photographs etc. It never actually dawned on me open them up and look through them. I moved 19miles to a new home two years ago and dragged them with me. When I think about it, I cant believe I moved junk from one home to another. I filled a moving van of old papers and scraps. It sounds absurd.

There however were some good pieces that I wanted to hang on to and things that I didnt know whether I should or would like to keep so I compromised and took a digital picture of it and then put the original on the recyle pile. I love art and I loved studying the subject in secondary school and through to college but looking back on a lot of the material I feel like my art skills have improved so much. The memory of my work comipared to my oppinion of it today as I looked at it has changed completely and in a way I am releved as I thought that this job was going to be harder than I thought.
Although it was easy to declutter all this stuff, I took a moment to remember the feelings and enjoyment that I felt all those years ago and how proud I was to achieve an A Level in Art and Design. I took a moment to think about my teachers, my art friends, my college, my exam. I thanked my teachers and acknowledged how much they had taught me. I then allowed myself to let go. In doing this I felt like I turned another corner in my life; self growth. And it felt good.


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