Baby Joy – Konmari style

It often gets really frustrating trying to dig out baby clothes from a drawer especially when I am in a rush and need to quickly grab a change of clothes or a clean bib or muslin for my 6month old. Pretty much every day the drawer becomes a mess and I have noticed that a lot of stuff never gets worn and quickly become too small for him and so it goes straight to charity. I get really frustrated with this because they get lost in the back, still have their tags on, and its money wasted. I also find that clothes that a far too small never get removed even if he has worn them. So basically I needed to sort this problem.

Baby clothes are so small and tiny and almost impossible to fold properly. I have seen people hang little pants, dresses and tops in small childrens wardrobes but I do not have the space for this and personally I do not find it necessary for my baby. 

I have started using the Marie Kondo style of folding my sons clothes but obviously first I had to declutter his drawer. A whole bag of items were donated to charity which I was suprised at as I didnt realise just how much stuff had been forgotten about. I also found that I was happy to get rid of bits that I did not like that I had bought just because they were cheap or on sale, and also items that were given to him as gifts. So out they all went. I was then able to focus on the things that I found adorable and were suited for his size. Usually I would have held on to some things incase of future babies but he is my 3rd child and I think I am finished with having children. Perhaps in the future but it seemed silly to hold on to clothes for at least another 5 years when I dont have the space. 

My 6month olds drawer now looks like this….

This is enough clothes to get him through till laundary day. I havent included any bibs as I now keep them in a seperate basket as they never stay folded and its easier to just grab them without messing up the drawer. I will be honest that once all the clothes have been washed and dryed, I will usually refold everything including the ones that are already in the drawer just to make sure it stays looking neat and tidy. Doing this once a week isnt too much of a pain as he hasnt got many items. He has just enough. 


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