It’s OK, I am OK!’

Isn’t it crazy how past experiences change us and have detrimental affect on our life for years to come? The ones that send us over the edge even. How do we deal with the demon inside our closet and the monster underneath our bed?

I think the key is honestly is trying to find inner peace and allowing ourselves to identify our past struggle and then being able to say ‘it’s OK. I am OK’. I know that it isn’t always that simple and sometimes, getting to that point is a long and winding road but it may just be worth it. Whether it be self help or through external help, but it has to be worth it.

Image result for inner peace

I myself have experienced some unspeakable things and been treated so badly that I allowed myself to become haunted, angry, and saddened for more than a decade, however I have slowly learned that all it does is turn you cold and bitter. You gain nothing but endless nights of misery and wasted energy. I try to stay humble and keep my heart warm and it has changed my world. Once you get to that level of acceptance, things start to finally fall into place. It may be a slow process, and I myself am still venturing on this long journey but I have seen and felt the difference and I can finally see the sun rise in the mornings. My world has finally started to fill with colour. This journey has also changed my children. They are happier, smile more, fight less, and seem more focused. My energy towards them and my new found patience has had a knock on affect.









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