Do I need it?

I am constantly picking things up around the house that are either lying around on the floor or are just ‘there’. Those items that have no real home or place to be. Those items that accumulate in a pile in the corner of the kitchen work top, on dining table, or on my bedroom dresser. Those items that I have just chucked to the side instead of putting in the bin or thinking whether I actually need it, whether it is a necessity, and whether I want it. Things like old batteries, a rubber, a button, and let’s say an old hair band. I would stuff these in a corner when in fact, the battery is flat and I have no idea why I didn’t bin it when I replaced it with a new battery, the battered rubber is one of millions that my son has, a button that I don’t recognise, and a very old lifeless hairband. BIN!!! 



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