Minimalism with kids

Since learning about minimalism I have wondered how well my children would adapt to the change. I worried that they would cry when asked to get rid of some of the stuff but surprisingly we have been able to part with more than I irate anticipated. Some things however have been removed without them knowing, sold because items that have not been used in months or even years, they will still want to  keep and still never use or play with them. Nevertheless I have picked up some handy lessons that I am starting to teach my children. 

  1. We don’t need to buy things to be happy. 
  2. We don’t need to live life like everyone else. 
  3. We live within our means.
  4. We think carefully about our purchases. 
  5. We gladly share with others.
  6. Clutter is a drag. .
  7. We love spending time with them. 
  8. We are in control of our stuff


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