Spark Joy! KonMari style

A few weeks ago I began reading about the art of tiding. Yes, I know. It seemed odd to me that there are surprisingly so many books out there that demonstrate the ‘correct’ way to tidy your home, declutter your home, or clean your home. 

I cannot remember how I discovered Kon Mari but I remember watching a YouTube video of a woman sharing ways in which she has been able to organise her home and only live with things that ‘spark joy’.

I am still in the process of understanding this whole concept but from what I have come to understand is that the konmari method is a tool that allows one to live in a home with only the items that speak to your heart and bring you joy. Removing things that you do not need, or want, or simply have no use for allows you to free your home and live with the things that you actually like and want in your life. Instead of hoarding things that never get used and probably never will, you learn to let go of these items that clutter your space. Clothing, books, papers. We all have stuff that we no longer need but hold onto them for what reason? In the hope that one day we may need them. Truth of the matter is that for me more than half the things that I got rid of were things I had forgotten about and no longer had use for them. In the space of four days, I donated six bags of clothes to charity. I no longer liked these items, could not fit in them, or had no idea why I purchased them in the first place. They did no make me happy anymore so I let them go and hoped that they could make someone else happy. I now only own clothes that I found myself actually wearing and liking. Clothes that I feel good in wearing, and I hardly ever spend hours digging through piles of clothes trying to find something decent to wear. My wardrobe is filled with items that now only spark joy. I have yet to start on my enormous collection of books. 

I would highly recommend looking into the konmari method to anyone who, like me, is pretty fed up with their home being cluttered and struggling to find a happy balance in their home. Your home should be somewhere that you love to enter after a long day. Your temple. Your sanctuary. But it is very hard to accomplish this for some…….



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