Headspace- creating space in my head.

I stumbled upon this app called Headspace one afternoon which later my GP actually recommended without knowing that I had already installed it onto my phone. So far I have just finished day 3 of my 10 minutes a day meditation and I have already begun to feel a little bit different.

I have always been interested in training my own mind so that I am able to deal with stressful situations better and to just be able to manage life better without become over anxious about everything which I fear will send me into complete and utter meltdown. I am learning to acknowledge my thoughts and become accepting of them; just watch them from the side line for a while. I closed my eyes tonight and listened to my 10 minute guide that asked me to sit and watch my thoughts as if they were cars driving by. At first I saw all my anxieties and stressful plans ahead driving by. One of those cars read ‘I have so much crap to sort out this week coming’.  Behind the wheel a grump, negative driver, so I stopped that car and rewrote it’s description. ‘This week ahead I have to sort out a few things’. And off it smoothly drove with a little joyful toot. I exhaled and smiled. A wait lifted from my shoulders and I continued to watch my cars drive by with a little less congestion.


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