Baby’s First Veggie

So last week I took the grand step and started weaning my 4 month old…

Yes I know! I am aware that some parents wait until 6 months to introduce their babies to solid food, even though it is pretty pureed, to begin with, however for me I found that my son was ready for his first spoonful. I made this decision after observing my baby’s behaviour around our family dinner time. He would stare at the our food with an open mouth sometimes trying to grab what ever he could reach. At 4 months, he is also sitting up on his own and has really good hand eye coordination when putting things in his mouth. I read somewhere that these are some of the first signs that your baby is ready for weaning. I have two other older children and they too seemed to be hungry babies and showed similar signs at this age, and so I started weaning them at 4 months also. 

To start with, I gave my youngest plain baby rice once a day for about a week or two and now I plan to gradually introduced vegetables, and then fruit and meats. With my children’s father having coeliac disease, at such a young age I feel like I have to be extra conscious about avoiding food containing gluten especially before 6 months of age. 

So today was the first time that my youngest tried a vegetable- ironically for my lovely red headed sprog it was mushed up carrots. It didn’t go down a treat  and I received some weird noises and shivers. I do however think that maybe I needed to puree it a little bit more, but never the less, it was his first taste of actual food and that in itself was a sort of accomplishment. Even though he only had a few spoons and pretty much looked at me in utter disgust (‘MU20170131_122050.jpgM YOU EVIL WITCH’), it is said that it takes up to ten attempts for a baby/child to decide whether they like a certain food on not. ‘Sorry munchkin’ i thought, ‘you will be getting this again at some point’
The simple method that I used:

1. Peel and slice the carrots (I washed them first)

2. Boil carrots until soft,

3. Add a little of baby’s usual milk

4. Mush together by hand or blender, and last but not least

5. Feed your royal highness

That’s it!

I am not in anyway shape or form a health professional but from what I have been advised is to keep ingredients to a minimum as babies need to gradually develop their sense of taste and definitely stay away from salt. I found the NHS site helpful when thinking about weaning.

I also gave him a small amount of water to wash it down and so that he stayed hydrated especially when he has a whole bowl of baby rice as a feed with no bottle as a top up. This tommee tippee cup is quite good and and he likes to hold it himself.


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