The thing about TIME

This afternoon I find myself reading through my earlier blog posts and also my ‘about’ page and began to ask myself what I actually felt has changed since I started this blogging. Two extra children added to the mix and change of location, I can happily say that I think that I have grown about a dress size! Ha!!

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Time management has definitely been the biggest change and everything I have learned has been very beneficial to making a day with three children successful and a little less stressful. Gosh! The difference between waking up at 7 am and 7:30 am is HUGE. My eldest is woken at 7.30 am every morning for school and because he shares his room with his younger brother, both of them wake and demand breakfast at the same time. The baby wakes at around 6:30 for another feed and usually after ten minutes, I can snooze once hes fed, but when I lye in bed thinking of the day ahead, it is not worth the snooze. So, 7 am it is! Out of bed and into the shower which is nice and peaceful. There is no toddler barging in or a six year old constantly calling me. It is silent. Well apart form the soft coos from the baby which I find pretty therapeutic. That extra 30 mins  to myself allows me to spend a little more time on myself and puts me in a calm mood.

As I write this blog, I have the toddler in the next room crying to be let out of his cot. He knows as well as I do that this will not happen as he is tired and I have learned to be firm. He will sometimes cry for 10-20 mins, but after that, he will be snoring soundly, and when he does eventually wake from his nap, he is a changed but rested character. Also, once his is awake, it is time to do the afternoon school run to collect my eldest. I have learned that when the toddler is tired he becomes very ratty and irritable. He will cry and shout at anything and everything. He will throw his lunch spoon across the floor, and the bowl if he got the chance, but being the ‘Super Mother’ that I am, I am two steps ahead of him, and have swiped the bowl away before the idea of throwing it has even entered into his tiny little head. Routine for him and in my opinion any child, is so very important. My toddler will nap every day around the same time, for roughly an hour and a half. I know that if this nap is skipped or taken too late in the day, he will be extra ratty and quite frankly unbearable to deal with. Oh and he will not take to kindly to being put to bed at 7 pm which is his usual bedtime.

My day is also pretty much is spend clock watching and doing most things including chores, quickly and swiftly. I have learned to wash dishes, do the laundry, sweep and pick up toys within a 20 min time frame. As these chores are probably the ones that are repeated numerous time a day, every day. It Is almost like I have muscle memory and my body just moves before I actually realise what I am doing. It has turned into a sort of flowing dance. I think I have practised this dance so many times that I drift into a sort of trance and when I wake, its tidy.

I honestly hate that I have to watch the clock so often and set alarms however when you become a mother living in a busy city with so much required of you, I have to thank Christiaan Huygens for first inventing the clock even if it did start out as a pendulum.

TICK TOCK….and its time for me to go……


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