The dog ate my homework!

No, he didn’t! We don’t even own a dog.

Trying to get my six and a half year old to do his homework over the weekend is like trying to run cross country without any training what so ever. 

My eldest started a new school in September after we decided to move to the north of London two years ago, and realised that we couldn’t commute 10 plus miles every day to get him to his previous school where we used to live (long story). He is almost half way through year two and school work is gradually getting harder, especially in the run up to year 2 SATS. 

He has been given work on Van Gogh and for the life of me I am dying over here. I was so chuffed that he is learning about this artist as I studied art through school and at A level. He has now enteref the fourth day of trying to finish his homework and I just do not know how to motivate him anymore.  I have tried every single trick in the book, including bribery. Yesterday he pretty much sat at the dinning table all day, painfully refusing to lift his pencil. I am at ends. I have tried not to scream and shout, although my patience has ran dry a few times, and time-out hasn’t seemed to have any affect. Maybe tomorrow I shall approach his class teacher and tell him that the dog genuinely ate my son’s homework this week. 
I need so solution…. I am pulling out my hair.


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