2.3 kids! Living with an ‘average family’

In the middle of last year saw the birth of my third son just 18 months after my second child was born. His arrival meant that I have now THREE very busy and active young boys. My eldest is now 6, the toddler 22 month, and the baby is now 4 months and past the stage of sitting quietly in his bouncer and sleeping long hours during the day. All three of them are so very demanding in their own way. Sometimes I wonder how I survive from day to day pretty much on my own.

What I am really struggling with at the moment besides being a mother of three boys, is the loneliness.  I go to toddler stay and play groups 3 times a week, and every 4 weeks, the baby clinic where there are other mums with babies and I can get mine weighed. I that if I didn’t have these groups in my life, I would be completely isolated and could literally go a whole day without speaking to a single person besides those who live in my home.

I often wonder what stay at home mothers do all day other than tend to the needs of their children. In some ways I suppose that is what is in the job description. Maybe it is the only description. Perhaps it would be different if I met with other mothers in my situation, but God I miss having a social life. Just a smidge would be great.

I continue to ponders 


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