Hollyoaks Rape Story (sorry for spoiler)

Throughout the whole of 2014 some of us hollyoaks viewers have been following a tragic rape story between Finn O’Connor (rapist) and John Paul McQueen (victim). Finn, a controlling, manipulative, and vindictive character, also attempted the rape of Nancy Osborne.

I have been watching closely. My heart has been racing because the last few days there has been a trial. Being a victim of rape, my heart bleed for John Paul and i sat biting my nails hoping that he got justice and Finn got a good lengthy sentence. I could not help myself, so i watched tomorrows episode and thank heavens! GUILTY in both cases! Although this story is fictional, i think it has had an affect on many people, victims and non victims. For me i was happy to see justice. I wish things would have ended differently in my situation but this story has not only highlighted how horrible rape is and how it can destroy peoples lives, it has also demonstrated that there is hope, justice can be saught, and for those fighting a long and traumatic case, it shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Hats off to hollyoaks. So the acting is not always on point, but who cares. I love this programme because it has not failed to touch on real issues such as rape, self harm, transgender issues, homelessness, drug addiction, infertility, and ill mental health. The list is endless!


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