do you people watch?

This might sound odd, and I am wondering if I am the only one (well I doubt I am), but does anyone else oeople watch? For those who do not have a clue what I mean, it means what it says on the tin. You watch people. Not in a weird staring way but for example ig you are sat waiting for a bus and you see two people, maybe having a loud conversation, you just watch them for a minute or two. Haha sometimes longer if you find something amusing about them. Ibdonit all the timr. Especially when I take my son out and about. Maybe to the park or school.

Sometime last week I went to collect my son from school. While i was waiting for his class to be dismissed, a few steps infront of me were two mothers having a conversation. I coulfnt hear what they were saying much but suddenly one of them burst into tears. I didnt stare but she was crying for the next few minutes and the other woman stood watching without a comforting gesture. Part of my people watching is me trying to figure these people out. Wondering what their lives are like. What they are like. Out of curiousity. I think doing a degree in psychology has made me people watch even more. Stood watching these two womem I wondered whether they knew eachother well. Mainly because the woman who wasnt crying looked a bit uncomfortable. I also wondered why the upset woman was crying. She wasnt trying to hide it either, in a playground full of parents huddled around one small gate. I heard her ask  ‘why is he being like this?’ HE. Was it a husband, a boyfriend, her son, her landlord who made her upset. I wonder.

On a not so nosey level, today I took my son to the science museum. Allowing him an hours play in the under 7’s exploring area, I couldnt help but notice one couple who were quite loud (well she was) and a bit odd. I don’t mean thatbin a horrible way. Maybe instead of odd I shout say interesting and I guess I was curious. The dad: quite well spoken, tall, gentle,wore khaki shorts, outdoor walking shoes, t-shirt, trekking backpack, middle clsas maybe. Children: well groomed, well spoken. The mum: rather unhealthy in size, red in her face, quite chavy, on her phone 80% of the time, not very well soken, cockney accent. I wondered what brought them together. How they met. What their life is like. A whole list of things.  I watched as she made herself known to every person in the play area. She wasnt hard to miss. As I said, quite loud whereas he was quiet and got stuck in to playing with their kids.

I think I find other people quite fascinating at times. Often I feel as though I’m watchimg animals behind a glass window in a zoo, trying to figure out what they are thinking, what they feel, how they live, where did they come from. Always wondering bout their psychology and their social interaction with others.

Maybe I’m just sad and lonely haha


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