My Art and I

I have always loved art; from GCSE to A level. Since having my son in 2010 I have never really had a chance to just sit and appreciate art. I haven’t drawn anything in such a long time until recently.

One afternoon after boring myself to death writing an essay on environmental crime, i decided to finally use an empty sketch book that i had brought a year ago in Sibiu, Romania. I brought this on my travels hoping i would get the change to stop and paint one of the many amazing sceneries that the city had to offer. Unfortunately this did not happen due to the work i had to complete.

Anyway, i closed my laptop and began sketching faces. Eyes in particular from imagination, and then from photographs, magazines etc. Every now and then i go through a dry spell of not finding anything worth while to paint or draw and also due to a long battle with depression, i often lack motivation.

I do  I love to sketch portraits and occasionally animals, landscapes and inanimate objects catch my eye and I am bound capturing them. I also love to take pictures. When ever I can, I am constantly taking photographs of people and unusual compositions. My favourite medium is a plain old Biro pen. I have started to use pencils more. For landscapes etc. I love to use water colours, oil pastels and chalks.

Quiet recentlyi have enrolled myself on a short adult illustration for children’s book course for 12 weeks. I have had one evening lesson already and it was quite interesting. My next lesson is this coming monday, and again i am anxious and worried about going. I am quite scared of being around new people. This is the main thing that makes me not want to go. I feel like a small fish in the ocean. I am scared.


One thought on “My Art and I

  1. You know, trying new things in a new place is how we grow. Art is subjective. There’s no wrong way to do it! Just go with no expectations and with a easy attitude and you’ll do great. Try to just enjoy the experience for what it is. You’re bound to learn something and be ahead of where you came in. Go for it! Be brave!

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