When is the right time to get married?

I visited my grandad tonight.

My grandad is very old fashioned.

My grandad is also a Christian pastor.

I broke the news to him today that I was expecting baby number two. My method for this was just to embed it into a sentence, like when he asks how i am, ‘yes i am ok, I’m having another one, everyone is fine…’ It was a little easier that way. I was hoping that it by embedding it and trying to move the conversation one swiftly would take the edge off things. He heard me loud and clear though. He then went into his silent thinking mode for a minute or two while the rest of the family conversed about my cousin leaving for university tomorrow. I tried to stay calm and join in too.

Two minutes was up, and I had not dodged the bullet. And here it came but I guess i was expecting it, ‘So when are you getting married?’ I am already engaged to my partner and have been since January this year. New years eve actually. When my grandad was visiting us in England in March I told him this and we had a talk about when we were getting married and whether my partner was a good many. You know the general talk. I have never really had a great relationship with my father and am not that close with my grandad either to be honest but for me, breaking news to my grandad is like breaking news to a parent and getting a caring or concerned fathers response.

Anyway so he asked about the engagement and what was happening with that. I told him it is still happening and that it will happen when the time is right. And like before he said that if we are both certain then why wait. Why not get it done and dusted. I tried to explain to him that although it will happen, there are things that need sorting first, thinking about, and also finances.

But then it got me thinking, when is the right time to get married. I mean we are still in the planning stages but not much has happened as my partner said that we should wait until 2016, and now that we will be having a baby early next year, it seems like the wedding is being pushed back further into the backs of our minds. I mean now i am wondering why we are waiting. I mean we both want to get married, why wait. I am feeling a little confused now and a little like something has now rocked the boat in my head that was sailing along calmly.

so when is the right time to get hitched?


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