Hello Baby Bump (Week 14 + 2).


My stomach is getting bigger although my bladder feels like it is getting weaker. Gosh I think I can pee up to 15 times a day, mainly in the evenings.

I am definitely smiling more and getting more excited. It has been a very long time since I have held a new born baby which is always amazing. What’s more amazing is the next one that I do hold will most likely be my own.

It wont be long before I am half way there and finding out the baby’s sex. I am hoping it would be a girl, and so does my partner but we will equally be happy if it were a boy again. Every one is assuming it will  a be a girl but there is no way of telling. I do think we may be pinning a lot of hope on it being a little princess because we seem to only be able to think of girls names. There are two that we have settled on. Still 0 boys names decided. I am desperately trying to avoid names that are open to bullying or mocked. I recently read a post on here which raised the issue of calling children odd names such as ‘Bunny’. To me it is only cute as a nickname just like some of the name the Mr has suggested. He has also suggested names that I can’t even pronounce without getting tongue tied. I think it will be a while still until we figure out a decent names for our child.

As this is my second pregnancy I have read that your baby bump shows up quicker and also you will be able to feel baby movements earlier. Yes and Yes. My bump has been visible for a few weeks now. Well to me anyway, and I have also now started to notice the fluttering in my stomach. As my desire to pass wind every five minutes has subsided I am now able to identify the flutters that my baby is making. Mainly in the evenings that is. It was the same with my son. He used to be most active when I wasn’t. I can’t wait for a full on kick now. Bring it on!


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