School Run…..!


Oh the joys of morning and afternoon trips to my sons school to drop and pick him up.I live in the middle of west London. Not exactly a poor location. Its a nice pleasant area at the best of times, and like me, there are many stay at home mothers who look after their household and take care of their young. The only difference that I do find when looking at the majority of these mothers who ride their bicycles with their children’s trolleys trailing behind them or those who pull up in massive 4×4 beamers (BMW) cars, are undoubtedly wealthy middle class woman who own grand houses. The most difficult thing about drop off and pick up is just how quickly these women mingle and arrange play dates for their children. I stood there this afternoon with my arm wrapped around myself trying to feel all bold when all these confident women who have millions of things in common with one another, all get along.

They say starting a new school is hard for the young children, but my goodness it is a massive hurdle for parents too. I have smiled at a few mothers and spoken to one on the first day but those fifteen minutes before and after school is very difficult. To make matter worse is that these woman are all middle aged too or just under, and there is young 24 year old me who looks like I am 16 and had my son at what 12!!!! Oh the horror. I most certainly feel inferior. But I guess on the plus side, I am glad that I was able to get my son into a very good school.


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