The Urban Farm.

I spent the best part of the day roaming around London’s Urban Farm in Hounslow.

They have great animals which any young child, or adult would love to meet. From Goats to Sheep, to Peacocks, Chinchillas and Mice.south american meeting

My three year old had a lovely time despite being a little under the whether i am sure he made the most of his visit.

zak feeding goat

The staff are lovely and friendly allowing you to meet the animals and get up close and personally at various times of the day. They also put on pig and ferret races along with flying owls for all to see.

zak and snake

This was not my son and I’s first visit, but it never gets boring. There are quite a few new animals that live there since we last visited last year. We took my partner with us this time and as much as I think he’s all big and manly, he was nowhere to be seen when the reptiles came out 🙂



Looking forward to the Tropical Zoo that will accompany this farm soon.

For anyone interested, here is their website link



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