Lets Talk Weddings

SAMSUNG CSCSo my good friends and I attended this amazing wedding show in Kensington Olympia, London.

If I needed a reminder of how many things there are to take care of when planning a wedding, this certainly helped. 


Thank goodness I have at least a year to get everything sorted. And when I say ‘I’, I mean myself alone. The other half is probably more interested in making sure that I don’t intend on tying the knot on a Barcley’s Premier League Football night.

Anyway, SAMSUNG CSC so the show was great, I spoke to many different people, companies, and hosts, and undoubtedly collected something from pretty much every stall that they had in the building.


And I also tried on a few things 🙂


Again i highlight ‘I still have a year’… to fit nicely into a wedding dress.


Still, the hair jewellery fits… 😛 

SAMSUNG CSCAnd a bridesmaid tried on something gorgeous that actually brought tears to my eyes. How embarrassing. I’d like to think that I do not get emotional over girly things but GOSH how I was proven wrong.


And at the end of a busy day looking at all things bright and beautiful, this is just SMALL selection of things that I brought home with me.

Steph x


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