‘I want the evening off’

Ins and Outs of Everything

Wow! I’m in a relationship with a guy that isn’t my sons biological father. My son is almost three and my relationship is almost two years old.

My partner and i have officially lived together for two months although he stayed with me 3-4days per week prior.

I’m quiet depressed about how my relationship with my sons father worked , me being a single mother, my son having no contact. My boyfriend however loves my son like his own and says he wishes my son was his.

I just got off the phone to the bf. says he’s coming home from work soon. Then he requested an ‘evening off!’
An evening off from parenthood. I have never asked him to fill the shoes but hes referred to looking after my son a ‘shifts’. Seriously wtf!!! I know my son isn’t his but what am i meant to do, lock him…

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