Nursery struggle

This month my sons montessori nursery fees went up by a whopping 3.5% or however much they said. And there was me thinking £875 a month for four days a week was expensive. Where the hell will i now find £906 a month?!?
Ok so part of the fee is paid by student finance child care grant, but as a 23year old single mother and full time student, this task is made very very difficult.
Every good parent wants the best for their child, so where theres a will, theres a way… Hopefully! I’m going to have to bust my ‘bottom’ to gather some money together. Budget, save and god willingly (i’m not really religious) sell as much of my handmade children’s clothing that i have produced. At the moment i’m waiting to hear back from portobello road market trader management, and with fingers crossed, earn some of that nursery fee. My son deserves the best. Gosh i cant wait for him to start proper school with no fees!



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