‘I want the evening off’

Wow! I’m in a relationship with a guy that isn’t my sons biological father. My son is almost three and my relationship is almost two years old.

My partner and i have officially lived together for two months although he stayed with me 3-4days per week prior.

I’m quiet depressed about how my relationship with my sons father worked , me being a single mother, my son having no contact. My boyfriend however loves my son like his own and says he wishes my son was his.

I just got off the phone to the bf. says he’s coming home from work soon. Then he requested an ‘evening off!’
An evening off from parenthood. I have never asked him to fill the shoes but hes referred to looking after my son a ‘shifts’. Seriously wtf!!! I know my son isn’t his but what am i meant to do, lock him in his room so he doesn’t disturb your peaceful afternoon. He’s not even the household breadwinner for me to even compromise and say i’ll look after the children. Yh he was kids with me! Not happening if he things its as simple as that!

My house, my way of life, my frigging baggage, so like it or fuck off. Am i wrong? Thats annoyed me so much and naturally i’ll think too much about it until i’m really anxious!


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